Matrox set at PCI

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tuna, Jun 20, 2002.

  1. tuna


    Dunno if it was just me but with a matrox dual in the AGP and a single in the PCI (win2kpro) one had to set Bios to boot the vga off PCI first?

    Problem i've always had with the setup that way was i could never just reboot...i had to shut down then restart for all my monitors to light up properly.

    If theres any of you out there with the same issue go download the Feb release driver, it fixes this..
    Bios gets changed back to boot off the AGP but everything lights up properly when you reboot.
    No more shutdown/restart...

    I'm thinking i was'nt alone with this issue,i may be wrong?
    Matrox i'm using is the G450..