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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tuna, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. tuna


    I noticed that matrox advertises that you can "theoretically" run 16 monitors off their G200 mms quad cards....
    So in theory to do that you must run a hell set of double adapters on top of double adapters??
    My question is has any one tryed using these double adapters on a 2 head card to run maybe 4 monitors??
  2. nitro



    Theoretically, yes. Practically, it is another story. The problems is that most computers don't have the PCI slots available. Even whith the PCI slot(s) availble, you run into IRQ confilcts.

    If you are going to run more than two of these cards, I recommend that you get a server style machine. This way, the PCI slots will not be littered with things that a trading machine will not need, and therefore free up the slots and the IRQ's.

    FWIW, I own several Matrox cards, including the G200 MMS QUAD(although I have the older card that does not support DVI.) These cards are great, and you can put more than one of these cards into the computer as they are PCI and not AGP. I have actually had a test machine running _BOTH_ the G550 dual DVI AGP card and the G200 Quad PCI. Using Matrox's unified drivers, everything worked fine.

    These are fine cards and you won't go wrong with them - just don't forget the specifications of the machine you are sticking them into...


  3. tuna


    yeah thanks Nitro maybe i read it the wrong way..sure if you filled up your pci slots with those cards u can run 16 is maybe what their meaning,...
    i thought they were trying to say u could run 16 off the 1 quad,which to me meant the way they were going to acheive that was thru doubling up those double adapters.
    More curiousity than anything,I've only just gone up to 3 monitors and thought perhaps someone might have tryed the adapters on the dual cards to run more than 2 monitors off the 1 dual.