Matrox Problems with 2 dual 450 PCI

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by cgjung, Jan 11, 2003.

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    As an offshoot to this discussion:
    Does anyone know if I can use an Appian Jeronimo Pro Quad card and a 3 yr old NVDA card installed next to it in my machine with two monitors hooked up to the Appian and one hooked up to the NVDA under Win 98 SE? An unusual question. :) When I recently switched to RealTick it didn't like the Appian Win 98 driver which disabled some functions and caused it to lock up. And when I installed Win XP Pro on a new 120 gig 8mb buffer WDC hard drive my whole system ran much slower and now my data feed really sucks. I'm going to upgrade my 500 mhz PIII processor and mainboard but in the meantime just wondering if this setup would work. And wondering if RealTick would just refer to the NVDA driver. Too complicated. :D But what it is. The other thing is I'm stuck with a dial up connection here for now so that's part of the problem too. Everything worked fine until I switched to RealTick and Win XP Pro.
    Also does anyone have any suggestions as far as good mainboard/processor combos that work well with multimonitors? I've taken note of the P4 probs with multimonitors K_DTU in several of your posts. Thanks, guys.
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    How much RAM do you have/recommend for 4 plus monitors?



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    The info on the blue screen usually contains very good hints on what is wrong. If you post what it says I can help you decipher it.
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    I now have two gigs in my computer, which is capable of 12 gigs of DDR-200/266 SDRAM. But video is not affected by the amount of RAM in the computer (on my cards,) but the RAM in the card itself.

    As far as OS, I use Win2K, but I like WinXP. However, IMHO, one should generally be conservative as a trader to jump on the new OS bandwagon, as drivers and other incompatibilities may lurk unknowingly.

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    Two GIGS! Very nice.

    I've been eyeing upgrades, thanks for the input.

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    Check out these MB if you are looking for some smoking systems.

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    I'll have to switch my monitors back to my computer that was crashing. Once it crashes I'll let you know what the blue screes says. When I check the Event Viewer it indicated SAM failed to start the TCP/IP or SPX/IPX listtening thread. And another event indicated somether can't access Server service..something to that effect. I don't know if that helps.

    I think someone mentioned to alter the power supply. What and how should go about it.


    I need all the help I can get

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    I checked the monitors and yah one of the monitors does have a lower resolution even though my second dual card has 32M the other card has only 16M..

    What can I do with the chip set anything I can change in the setup...??
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    If you are running Norton Internet Security or ZoneAlarm try disabling them and if that helps, switch to Sygate's firewall.
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