Matrox powerdesk drivers crach xp home

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bundlemaker, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Help! Just put together a new box with dfi motherboard (ad73) with athlon xp1800, 256meg ram, nic card, and one matrox g450. I let the xp disc partion, format, and install OS. Then I download and install latest VIA 4in1 drivers. At this point system seems to work ok. Then I install the matrox drivers (tried the CD, the latest download, the beta download, and the "unified" download). All fail in the same way. Upon restart after driver is installed windows opens with either a locked welcome screen or a matrox dialog box. In the later case, just moving the mouse corrupts the screen, and crashes windows. I've spent over 2 hours on the phone with matrox. They don't know at this point. Any ideas?
  2. I hesitate to advise you because you're using an operating system I'm not familiar with, a new box, etc.

    imo, you need to go back to a configuration that works. Try a simple single monitor card and the generic drivers that come with the OS. If you can get that to work, you're well on the way to troubleshooting the problem.

    Anyone got another suggestion?

  3. Thank you airspeed. Yes, that's what I have done. Computer seems to work fine with drivers that come with xp. I don't really care about the extra features of the powerdesk software that is causing the problem. I guess the real issue/question is this: is there any harm in just running what came with the OS, even if this driver is not what matrox sayes to use? I'm just trying to avoid crashing at an inopportune time from not setting this thing up right.
  4. Nope. For now, IMO, stay with the drivers that came with Win XP. Does Win XP come with drivers that specifically support your Matrox card?
  5. airspeed,

    yes, win XP specifically recognizes the G450 model number. It seems like the only hindrance is some obscure multi monitor desktop functions (which, as I said, I don't really care about).
    Thanks again for your help.

  6. I haven't had much trouble with XP Home except in relation to video drivers. I have an Nvidia card and had a total crash because of it. I reverted to the XP default drivers and then got to the Nvidia site and downloaded a fix. If you have the latest and greatest card then they may not have stable drivers yet.

    New OS, and New hardware you have to expect some problems.
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    Hello - I have the same video card and just recently did a reformat with XP Pro.

    I simply used the XP supplied driver.

    In the past -I ran XP update and it listed updated Matrox drivers as a possible update.

    I have previously used an updated driver.

    But - IMO - the XP supplied driver is more stable