Matrox... New Line of Video Cards For Traders

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gnome, Oct 18, 2007.

  1. Yup!... seems good, apart the expensive Quad-monitor upgrade cable.
  2. Yeah, that's really a hose. Picking up a used Quadro NVS on eBay is going to be the better deal for quite some time.
  3. Magnificent cards. I use quite a few Dell and HP NVS280 and NVS285s. These should be dirt cheap now on eBay.
  4. With your HP OEM NVS's... did you ever have any function or compatibility problems?
  5. Never. Why?
  6. I always shied away from OEM versions for the possibility they might be different enough to cause problems. I've had experience with OEM versions of ATI cards and found them incompatible with others... even other ATI's. So, my rule has always been "No OEM or other 3rd-party cards" unless it's the only one in the machine.

    I asked Matrox tech support about this years ago, and they said the Matrox and OEM branded cards were "identical". But I know that was not the case for ATI's.
  7. I had problems with ATI drivers a while back so I decided to stay away from ATI. Others swear by them, I swear at them :D

    With the NVS chipsets, of course you know that NVIDIA themselves does not sell these cards, rather companies like PNY, Leadtek, Dell, HP, etc, do.

    I can't remember which one, if not both 3rd party manufaturers, ie., PNY or Leadtek, but they'd do 1600x1200 in analog mode but not digital (DVI). Weird! So I went with the Dell and HPs as all my monitors are connected via DVI, and those two did 1600x1200 in DVI.