Matrox Launches DualHead2Go

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    Matrox Graphics, Inc. launched the Matrox DualHead2Go, the world's first external box that adds multiple monitor support to compatible laptop and integrated graphics-based desktop PCs that were previously limited to single screen output. The box, which resembles a graphics hub, accepts one VGA input and drives two VGA outputs.
    Most mid- to high-end desktops already come with graphics cards with two VGA or DVI outputs and therefore will probably have no need for this (unless they're trying to emulate the über-hacker in the movie "Swordfish"). But budget systems, which usually come with integrated graphics, typically have only one monitor output as do notebooks. The DualHead2Go will allow these desktops and notebooks to use two monitors, as well as their own screen, for a total of three monitors.

    Users will find this device an effective way to increase screen real estate. With the lowering cost of LCD displays, two 17-inch panels can cost around $500 and give you more usable screen than a 21-inch LCD that costs around $600. The DualHead2Go is bundled with Matrox PowerDesk SE; a suite of window management software utilities for optimal management of windows positioning and message pop-ups.

    The Matrox DualHead2Go will ship by the end of this month at $169 (list) and is compatible with a wide range of laptop models. Desktop PC support for DualHead2Go is limited to certain PCs, based on their integrated graphics.
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    surely users with integrated video cards in pc desk tops can still insert a regular dual head card in a spare pci slot?

    i can see the benefit to lap top users, but to regular pc users?????.....
  3. Yea on the deskptop, I can only see them targeting users who are afraid to open the case and install a new card.

    Here is some more information, looks like all the graphics processing is still done on the existing graphics card/chip
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    Thanks I was just looking for one of these.
  5. Good value at $169. That's half the price of the vtbook which is similar.