Matrox G550 vs. G650

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Woody, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. Woody


    I have read through a lot of the threads relating to multiple monitor set-ups and its seems a lot of people recommend the Matrox cards. I want to run two LCD monitors both of which have DVI connectors. The Matrox website indicates that a dual DVI G550 is $150 and an additional cable is required, the cost of which is not stated. The G650 card is a dual DVI card and requires no additional cables. The G650 card price is listed at $169. I don't know much about video cards, but it appears that the G650 is a higher performance card and would cost about the same or less than the G550 card and the required cable. Can anyone make recommendations between the G550 and the G650.

    Is there a better alternative to the G550 or G650 card if I just want to add one LCD monitor to my machine with a DVI connection?
  2. nitro


    I glanced at this card. It is new to me. From what I can tell, this card is state of the art and if there is no difference to you otherwise, I would opt for this one over the G550.

    One reason _I_ would not opt for this card as opposed to G550 is because this card appears to use a different Universal driver than the G200 QUAD MMS, which I am using two of, and I would not want to have two different drivers when I add this card to a system with the G200's.
  3. dlincke


    The primary difference of importance to trading applications is that the P650 allows you to run two DVI screens at different resolutions while the G550 requires them to be set to the same resolution when using dual-DVI.