Matrox G450

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by greddy, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. greddy


    I have an ASUS P4PE MB with 6 PCI slots.

    Looking to upgrade the video card to Matrox G450
    for a quad monitor set up. On the Matrox website, it
    says the G450 is designed for "half length PCI".

    Will the video card work with the ASUS montherboard
    I purchased few years ago?

  2. Greddy,

    According to the following website, your motherboard supports six 32-bit PCI bus slots.

    According to the G450 datasheet, the graphics card requires a 32-bit PCI slot which your motherboard supports. See the following link:

    The half-length size of the G450 refers to the length of the card, but the PCI connector is still the same. The half-length card allows more space for internal components and fits in smaller systems. See the Matrox datasheet for a comparison between the half-length and full-length cards. Note that the PCI connector is still the same. I think the G450 should work in your system based on your motherboard. Good luck!
  3. It will fit in the PCI slot. Undoubtedly you have several empty ones. There are numerous old threads here dealing with this.
  4. greddy


    I just installed the video card, and
    hooked up 3 monitors.

    Works great.

    Thanks for the input.