Matrox G450 with WIN XP?

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  1. I know this is a popular card with this group. I was wondering if anyone here is running a G450 with Win XP home edition, and anaolg LCD's. I believe this card isn't DVI anyway. Also, is 32mb really needed to run two monitors in basic 256 color mode at 60hz? I was thinking the 16mb version could handle it.


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    XP home is "supposed" to be a single monitor/card(?) OS. Please let the board know if you can run a dualhead OK. I run 16MB cards on mine and all is OK. Analog LCDs have very sharp resolution at the native setting. (They say digitals are better, but only a very small difference.)
  3. I run a G450 16mb dual head card on XP Pro so you shouldn't have any trouble running in on XP Home. The output is indeed analog and you won't have to worry about refresh rates since LCDs are set at a specific refresh rate (mostly 60hz).

    And 256 color? You'll be fine with a 4-8meg dual head card for average use :)
  4. No problem running multiple monitors off a single card with XP home. As for running several cards, I never bothered to check this? I can't imagine that this wouldn't be possible when you can do this with much older systems (98, 2000, NT).

  5. Win XP by definition is multi monitor capable. I run two (2) matrox G450's (4 monitors) with WINxp. Athlon 1800 with 256mg of ram. As to card memory, I've gotten into more arguments than I care to think about. Everything I've learned about this stuff (including speaking with a graphics card engineer) says the only time you need hefty card memory is for gaming. It has to do with the number of colors and virtually nothing else. I on occaision run charts on an old computer with a PCI graphics card with only 4 meg of memory. It works fine. Hope that helps.
  6. You can run 10 monitors with "XP" according to Matrox. I do not know if this is for the Pro edition only. I have just submitted this Q to Matrox tech support.

  7. So it doesn't matter if its Home edition or Pro?


  8. To repeat: I'm running XP Home and 4 monitors. According to my sources the ONLY diff between Home and Pro has to do with big time networking stuff, and that's it. PM me if you have any specific setup questions when the time comes and I'll work through it with you as best I can.
  9. Thanks Bundle. That answers my Q's. BTW, you didn't specify which XP you ran in your first post, which is why I asked again.

  10. Jay, welcome. And sorry. I could have sworn I typed in Home, I guess only in my imagination. LOL
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