matrox g450 problem please help

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    i have been using a matrox g450 with 4 monitors for 5 months now. No problems. but i just moved and when i tried to hook them back up. I can only get 2 monitors to work. I remember having problems when i first put in the new card. but i cant figure out what i did to get all 4 monitors working at one time. when i go to settings I only see 2 monitors and the drop down menu only lists 2 monitors....I have tried everything...can't seems to get it to work...I seem to remember that it was something simple that I did just checking or uncheck some box...please help i am going crazy

  2. did you go to display properties...then settings tab....then advanced??? i think the g450 has a dual head selection box you can click.
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    i did that help...thank you though

  4. hmmm...well, i know my g450 is a 2 port and my g200 is a 4 you have a second 2 port in that box?
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    Yes...I had this up and running for 4 or 5 months and when I unpacked it after a move...I just can't get anymore that 2 monitors working...I think that it might be something simple...but i cant remember how i got it working in the first place

  6. Are you sure all the monitors still work? I don't see anything about a move that would cause your settings to change. It's not like you uninstalled the card and reinstalled it.
  7. did you check your device manager? are there any warnings?
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    if you don't have windows xp, you should upgrade to it immediately.

    I setup the computers at Greentree Trading. When we were using win 2000, there were always videocard issues.

    Now that we are using XP, there are are no issues. Most cards don't even need drivers installed, XP does it automatically.

    It works brilliantly with multimonitor setups.... you just put the card in and turn on the computer.... then you just have to activate the extra screens.

    hope that helps.

    edit: we were using lots of g450 dual head matrox cards.
  10. lundy,

    I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one having problems with 2000. I've had a persistent hang on shutdown situation that I am pretty sure is video card related. I've also had problems with some charting programs, such as QCharts, appearing to start but not displaying anything. The one issue that favors 2000 over xp is the availability of cheap pci multimonitor cards on ebay that work with 2000 but not xp.
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