Matrox g450 and AMD XP Processor

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Sterling, Sep 9, 2002.

  1. HI

    Has anybody here installed a Matrox g450 video card in a AMD XP processor system without any problems?


  2. I recall a similar question about six months ago regarding compatibility between the AMD processor and the Matrox video cards...I have noticed that there have been numerous problems with this combination...

    But I am no expert on this subject, just something that I have noticed on various message boards..

    For what its worth...
  3. I have an AMD 1800xp with VIA chipset, with 2 matrox g450's. Setup works fine with the drivers supplied on the XP disk (I run windows xp home). I could not get the matrox drivers to work at all, even with several hours of help from matrox support, which, btw, was helpful and friendly.
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    I have a Athlon XP 1800+ and a G450 AGP, works great under Win XP Pro. No problems at all!
  5. Just installed a G450 dual head agp 15mb ddr card on a Tyan K7 dual XP1600+ MP system and using Matrox's latest certified drivers without any problems, yet.

    Do note that I haven't done much work on this workstation yet.
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    I have a Matrox G550 DH card which works fine with an AMD XP2000+ and Windows XP home.

    When I was looking for an additional G450 (To connect 4 monitors in total) I was told (By Matrox support) that they were aware of problems with G450 in combination with AMD processor.

    Good luck,
  7. use Matrox G550 with athlon problems (win2k)
  8. slight probs driving FOUR matrox dual cards with an athlon proc & WIN 2K. nothing major though. have not isolated the athlon as the probable culprit but i did reinstall new matrox drivers without effect.:confused: presently i am living with it.
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    Whenever I read about such problems with AMD processors I feel so much confirmed in my decision to stay with Intel processors and Intel chipsets. For me its hard to believe that people who rely on their computers to trade with thousands of dollars each day choose an AMD board/processor, in most cases just because they can save $100 or $200 this way.
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    To choose AMD you have to be willing to pay less to get more.
    AMD/Nvidia is more about performance, Intel is more about politics.
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