Matrox G400 Dual-Monitor Video Card for Sale

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  1. You might want to update your ad and mention whether it's AGP or PCI.
  2. Thanks for catching that. I thought I added that but I guess my edit didn't take. It's an AGP card
  3. The pic of the card is rather dark. Does the heat sink have its own fan? (I'm using a G450.. no fan... considering getting a backup)
  4. yes, it has a fan
  5. bighog

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    Sorry, but it is a waste of money. Budget must be tight selling this relic on e-bay...i throw em in the garbage......

    Matrox is junk
  6. whatever man. I'm just selling b/c I upgraded to another Matrox card. I've never had a problem with any Matrox card.


    I Have a G450 dual-head. Good card, no problems.
  8. Matrox g450 is great card, problem free.
  9. I am looking to buy one... but don't know the difference between PCI and AGP

    I have a Pentium running XP

    thanks, would be interested in buying if I know what I need.
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