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    Currently running a g450 dual head agp and a generic pci vid card for 3 monitors. I want to go to a quad head but am a little confused on the pricing for the g200. Found a couple of posts quoting prices of only a couple of hundred bucks but only listings for the g200 on the web that I can find are for prices closer to a thousand? :confused:
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    The sites that pricewatch returns are utter garbage. They're the most fly-by-night you can get.

    Much better to use reliable search engines like, and Of course, you'll never beat an Ebay price so try to find it there first.

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    I am running a duel-head Matrox with single Nvidia cards and am having all sorts of problems? Does anyone know if these two cards are incompatible, does the Nvidia want to become the "primary" card and is in comflict with the Matrox duel-head? I've loaded every driver I can think of......struggling for a solution.

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    Give me a few days and I may sell mine for $100 including the cables. It was new and I've used it for 2 days. See an older thread of mine "computer randomly freezes." I narrowed the possible list of problems to my G200. Now I have 3 cards and I still have the problem, so the cards are fine. Let me know if you're interested.
  6. searching for the merchant who quotes the best price on will keep you safe from the fly-by-night operations...
  7. anyone have these cards side-by-side?

    it seems like the g200 sports lower resolution and lower refresh rates than the g450, so i'm wondering if it's better to have two g450's than to have one g200??
  8. I have g200, g450 and g550, and each of these card are good, but the g200 have some advantages over the other, mainly more GPU (1 for each output, this give a better througput than the dual g450 with 2 screens for which the processor unit have to been share between 2 output). Also you use less PCI slot with the g200 and if you buy it at EBAY, you will paid it less than for a new g450. For the refresh rate, the g200 should support the rate that you want, myself I use 85Hz@1280x1024/32bits on each screen without problem. If you check the spec for the g200, you will see that you could reach higher refresh and resolution without problem.

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    I use yahoo shopping for the last 2 years. I can find just about anything using the shopping search engine. I bought monitor (171t Samsung), ink refill, etc. You can also sort the price from low to high. Recommended.

    Click below for search of "g200" + "matrox" and scroll down to find what you are looking for.

    ps. no, I am not working for Yahoo. Just satisfied user.
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