Matrox G200 MMS video card won't work with my new machine properly

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by jetq, Apr 30, 2006.

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    I have a Matrox G200 MMS Quad video card working with my old machine, but not working properly in my new machine, only the first video port works, the rest of ports will show either "frequency out of range" on CRT or "input not support" on LCD. I'm thinking video Horizontal frequency from port 2/3/4 is below required, here is details:

    video card: Matrox G200 MMS PCI,
    Model: G2+Quadp_PL-9
    Bios: V3.3.034(latest)
    Driver: 5.93.009(should be latest)

    new machine , all parts are from
    CPU: AMD sempron 2800+
    MOBO: ECS 755-A2
    MOBO BIOS: updated to latest from ECS website.
    MOBO driver: updated to latest from ECS website, such as AGP, USB, LAN, AUDIO, etc.
    RAM: 1G DDR400 PC3200 from PQI
    HD: samsung 250G SATA
    OS: winxp sp2 with all patch from microsoft

    I have had G200 MMS on my Dell machine for more than a year, works fine with my two monitors. put it into my new machine, only the first video port works fine, other video port will show " frequency is out of range", if resolution is lower than 800X600, I can see blur WinXP background,
    anyone knows the solution?

  2. did you download the latest driver from matrox? look in properiies a see what driver it is using. you may have to upgrade the driver because xp likes to use its own driver if you auto install.
  3. Sounds like maybe your monitor resolutions are set too high. Can you boot into safe mode and set the monitors to 60hz refresh rate? Also, if there are other video drivers installed, uninstall them.
  4. jetq


    thanks guys, I have latest driver from, and latest BIOS for MOBO, it shows the correct display driver in windows display adapter property.

    resolution is set to be 640X480, refresh rate is 60, very low, but "frequency is out of range" is still on with blured winxp background picture. any resolution is above that, nothing except "frequency is out of range "still on.

    is it possible that this MOBO is not compatible with g200MMS?
  5. There are bios updates on Matrox, you just need to search their website.
  6. Have you tried all of the alternatives in BIOS regarding AGP, PCI and/or Primary Video? Also, did you try with and without an AGP card installed?

    Have you flashed the mobo BIOS with the latest version?
  7. jetq


    hi, gnome, tried all of them, actually got matrox email technical support, but they can't figure it out either.

    thinking about give it up, and buying two dual head card, could you recommend one? my machine has AGP and PCI slots.

    thanks for helping