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  1. Well, it is that time of the year. The price of LCDs have gone the way of the market and I think, it is time to get more real estate. Here is the situation:

    1. I want to keep my portable rig, .... portable and this would be the execution machine.
    2. I use 1,5,15,60min frames during "work", therefore ideally, 3 monitor set up would be desired. That is 3 monitors + notebook.
    3. I like 22"s because of the price (sub $200), however, I would not mind 24" or even 26" in the future once the price of those two variants would head more south.


    here are my questions:

    1. What kind of video card would I need to power a set up like this? My notebook is a P4 (2 gig RAM ) with on board v. card and I have never had any issues with it in terms of lacking perfomance. However, I am afraid that once I get 3 extra monitors on the system, it will slow down considerably. Will it?

    2. For the price of TripleHead (~ $300) I could add another $150 and build a decent desktop with a dedicated memory card for the same 3 monitors? Would that be a better way? Why? Why not?

    3. Assuming I do go the TripleHead way and purchase the thing, are there any limitations to this kind of set up? Anything to look out for? Anything I should be aware before I jump in?

    Thanx guys!!!!!! :) :) :D
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    forget about 22".
    try reg aspect 1280x1024

    go to the matrox website and check the max resolution supported per TH2G.

    not all the onboard video are supported. matrox has a software to check your machine.


  3. TH2G on my laptop is not stable using 3x22" so I have gone for a PC + quad card. Laptop is AMD 2GHz with 2 Gb ram with Vista Prem.

    P4 shpouldn't be an issue but I gave up in this combo for trading as I need something rock solid.

  4. I like 'em at 22 and it would suit my set up of charts perfectly.
    Matrox states that it supports 1900x1200 so it should work, but I doubt my notebook will be able to handle 4 monitors at the same time.

    As for the P4 - yea I know it is getting there but so far I have not had any issue with the machine, so why fix when it is not broken.

  5. Could it be that it is Vista that is screwing with the set up? I have heard that V. is not very friendly to multiple monitor set ups. Perhaps it would work under Xp pro?

    Too bad I would have to fork around $300 to find out.
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    Matrox TripleHead2Go
    Digital Edition
    Maximum resolution
    3 x 1280 x 1024,
    or 2 x 1680 x 1050
    or 2 x 1920 x 1200
  7. I have used the triple head to go, for travel with my laptop.

    However, I sold the triple head 2 go, and got this.

    the EVGA plus, you can plug up to 6 of them (depending on how many usb ports u have). Also, you can extend your desktop or mirror, and they are cheaper than buying a triple head 2 go, and better resolution also.

    I have used both products, and these things are way better than buying the triple head 3 go. Note also, for 3 monitors on your laptop, you only require 2 evga devices, just plug the 3rd monitor into the vga plug.
  8. I've used the TH2G device for 18 months now (since right after they brought it out).

    I use 3 x 19" standard format monitors (not widescreen format because I like more vertical area), hooked up to my 17" laptop. Works like a charm. I can't speak to how it works for larger monitors. Whatever you connect to it, the externals act as one big display stretched across all externals together.

    I set it up this way, instead of a desktop, so I could travel and still trade (although I usually only travel with my 2 laptops and 1 external monitor).

    My first TH2G's power supply failed about 9 months ago, and they replaced both the box and power supply under warranty. Rather than wait for 2 weeks to get the replacement, I decided to buy another TH2G box via overnight shipment, so now I have 2 of them, one as a backup should something fail again. For an extra $300, it's worth it to me to not lose even a day of trading (also, one reason why I have 2 x 17" laptops, for redundancy).
  9. Very interesting. You can get the same or better resolution, speed and clarity by plugging the externals into a USB port with this device? If so, I'd think this would put Matrox out of business.

    Thanks for sharing your experience with this EVGA plus.
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