Matrox conflict with TWS java platform

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gh1, Nov 14, 2001.

  1. gh1


    Does anybody else have the annoying problem i experience?

    i installed a Matrox dual head video card and it seems to interfere with the java based (either the web or stand-alone application) TWS from IB.

    My cursor leaves "Blocks" of chopped up display -- it is not only annoying, but has interfered with my executions because i can't always tell what price, or how many shares, or other information is being displayed!

    Anybody know of a work-around remedy -- short of getting rid of the video card or TWS that is.

    any advise would be greatly appreciated

  2. gh1:

    I have to say I see the exact same problem. I usually only get one or two "blocks" and am just ignoring it. For some reason it never happens with TWS, but all the time with my own Java apps and JBuilder in particular.

    Java jdk 1.3.1 (Swing/AWT actually) does have known bugs with multiple monitor setups - menus in particular. JRE 1.4 supposedly has it fixed, but I'm not trading on betas.

    I don't know if this is really Matrox's or Sun's bug. I've decided to live with it until Java 1.4 gets' released.
  3. Babak


    This is a bug in the driver from Matrox. Their new drivers (available at their website fix this. Download and install the new driver and you're all set!

    No reason to give up on an excellent video card.
  4. i use matrox and have NONE of the probs u guys r describing. if its a bug...

    it lives in UR puter...

    maybeeee..u got 1 of dose off da shelve sistems...

    butt hay...

    leest u saved hundred bucks...

    i recomend u give arch a call....

  5. gh1


    Thanks Babak
    I'll give it a try

  6. gh 1

    Did you ever get the Matrox to work? Which one are you using?
    Is it the Millenium G550 Dual-DVI or the Millenium DualHead
    G450? Or is it something different?
  7. gh1


  8. Glad to see the drivers you updated worked for the Millenium
    G450. Can't have the IB window blowing chunks!

  9. Been using the G450 for over a year, have a driver from 6 months ago, and NEVER a problem with IB or any Java. W2000 system.