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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by K.C., Nov 4, 2005.

  1. K.C.


    I have installed Millenium G450 and Millenium G550 on my system. Recently I upgraded a driver for G550 and since that time I am experiencing some problems. I wonder what driver or drivers are you guys using with these cards.
  2. gnome


    Both cards use the same driver...

    (a) Did you install the new 5.95.005.. and that's when the trouble began? And you're running Win2K or WinXP?

    (b) Did you uninstall the old driver first?

    (c) Do you have any other video drivers on your rig?
  3. I just reinstalled a matrox 450 using the latest drivers from the homesite without any problems.
  4. K.C.


    Right now I have installed on G450 and on G550

    I did not uninstall the old driver I just clicked on update.

    I don't have any other video driver installed.

    I was wondering if I should use just one driver, possibly 5.82.018.
  5. K.C.


    I am running WinXP Pro
  6. gnome


    I think you should uninstall all video drivers, then install the new 5.95.005 driver only. I just upgraded to the new and it all went OK. In any event, you should not have 2 Matrox drivers installed as Matrox indicates both cards run from the same universal driver.
  7. K.C.


    Thanks for the advice