Matrox AGPxPCI combo

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  1. Is anybody using a Matrox agp dualhead and Matrox pci dualhead on one computer for four monitors on Windows 2000 Pro? If so were there any problems? I have a agp dualhead and a third monitor on a pci adapter but cannot get 2000 to recognize another adapter for a fourth computer. The Matrox dualhead pci card is reasonable but am wondering if they are compatable on 2000.
  2. I've been using them together for a year now with no problems.I first had problems with different drivers for each (at the time) but they have a universal driver that looks the same for each with a dual head check box for each card.Maybe the problem is the chipset instead (Nvidia Nforce2 myself) as Intel chipsets are noted for non-multiple card friendly with frequent updates for this problem.
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    I have also been using a 450 agp and pci with win 2000 pro with no problems.
  4. me too
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    Dustin problems here.
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    I have two G200 MMS Quads that are PCI, and a G550 dual DVI that is AGP, all in one computer.

    No problems - one driver, works great...However, I have a motherboard that is meant for use as a high end server, so I do not know if that is why it is so "easy" for me, or if it is generally easy...

  7. Thanks all. Looks like a go.
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    Easy, perhaps try putting the pci vid card that you can't get working in the highest pci slot for a try,apparently they get recognized from the top down ok
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    That's impressive 8-0. By IDC definition, high-end servers are priced at $1 million or more and based on their performance features are in the same category as mainframes. Those systems packed with dozens of high-end processors and tens or even hundreds of gigabytes of RAM. Very impressive, indeed.

    Brag responsibly, there are IT geeks lurking here ;).
  10. actually, if i were u, i'd get the g550 AGP and pair it with the g450 PCI...

    from what i've read on these boards, those two cards will work nicely together, and the g550 is a much faster card than the g450 and shouldn't cost you much more...i've never paired the two, but i have run g550's by themselves and they are much much faster and crisper than the g450 (although the g450 is still a good card)

    also, i understand that the 200mms is not quite as fast as the 450 or 550, but i have never used the 200mms so i can't verify this...
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