Matrox 450 question

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by lkh, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. lkh


    Is the matrox g450 dual head with 16mb a good card for multiple lcd monitors? There are a bunch for sale on ebay for <$15.
  2. they work great here. if your lcd screens are dvi's then best would be to get dvi cards, but the difference is hardly noticeable.


    I have the 450 on my computer running two 17" CRT monitors. Work great, no problems.
  4. domen74


    I think you should splurge the extra few bucks and get a 32mb version. Especially if you'll be runing multiple monitors. The Matrox has great image quality, but don't get it if your kids plan to be playing games or anything like that. It's a relatively old card, but for trading it should be just fine.
  5. Agree with domen. Buy a 32 MB version. There probably is no diferrence between 16mb and 32 mb for trading. Since the price difference is so little and 32 mb can not be worse than 16 mb version, so buy the 32.