Matrox 200G Problem

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rdavenport, Jun 7, 2002.

  1. I am having problems with system lock-ups. When I place the curser on a pull-down box, the box will open then fade away into a ghost-like image, and the system locks up completely. It happens once or twice a day. And I've been in the middle of placing orders on TradeStation twice when it happened.

    I'm running Windows XP, P4, two monitors (one flat, one CRT).

    Has anyone else run into this problem?
  2. but i'm driving multiple G450's in WIN 2000. sweeeeeet. no probs. i recommend a complete reinstall with the latest drivers.
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    That drop-down box fading problem is almost always indicative of another program hogging up all of your CPU. I doubt it's related to your video card. The reason why the drop down box seems to be fading out and moving slowly is because the CPU is so crushed by the load of another program that it doesn't have the resources to even make a simple box drop down (which is why your system totally locks up shortly thereafter). The next time this happens, you should open up your task manager with Ctrl-Alt-Delete and see if you can identify which program is consuming the most resources.
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    You should really go to the tech forum at the matrox web site, they are very helpful and fast. If you install new drivers make sure you follow the uninstall instructions or use the uninstaller they provide.
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    make sure your video driver is XP certified.
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    I have a g200 and also windows XP. I have the same problem than you. I installed the latest driver and still get the same problem. It's clear it's a matrox bug.

    The only way I get that thing working:

    Go to your control panel-->Display--->Settings--->Advanced-->Troubleshoot--->and there put you Hardware acceleration to NONE. That will really slower your display but that's the only way to get things working...

    Even the guys at Matrox don't even know what's cause this bug. They will tell you big lies that there are no bugs in their drivers and it's supose to working fine. But obviously that's not working fine.
  7. Thanks for the replies regarding the Matrox bug. As to trying Cntl-Alt-Del, even that does not work. I have to turn the computer off and restart it. And as to XP certification, I do not believe that any of Matrox's drivers are certified. Also I have had the same issue with two different versions of drivers (the last was the current beta release; the first was what shipped with the card - I don't remember the version).

    I can't really afford to have my machine run slowly since it is a trading platform. And as to the CPU being too loaded, I have a P4 with 1G of RAM. What else can I do?

    I greatly appreciate all the responses and am certainly willing to try any suggestions.
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    one solution is buying a laptop with win2k(very stable), transfer all your programs to the new laptop, wipe out your XP, install win2k on it, then transfer back all programs and return the laptop if you are handy with computer. no XP certified, no go, I learned the hard way. btw, XP doesn't like to be shutdown, it prefere sleeping and wake up modes.

    OR download lastest drive for XP and try again :)
  9. You can't just copy an OS from 1 pc to another. We should acknowledge the fact that number 1, its illegal, but in addition, it wouldn't even work. Different hardware in your desktop will require different drivers and IRQs from your laptop. You would need to do a fresh install with an installation disk, but most new computers don't come with an installation disk. They come with a "recovery" disk, which only works with the original hardware configuration it came with (ie the laptop). Lastly, if you do buy an installation disk, they are non-refundable (MSFT isn't that stupid).
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    I believe What Baron was talking about regarding the CTRL alt del was before it locks up try highlighting a task in the box and then end it one at a time and see if the problem goes away ! Process of elimination! At that point locate the program behind the task and prevent it from starting on boot up (more than Likely) If That works email me and i will explain how to stop it from loading on boot up
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