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    has anyone tried the matlab api for ib?

    if so, can you share your experience?

    have you found or tried anything like m2ib in the open source realm?

    thanks in advance...
  2. bump, thanks.
  3. BeeRy


    M2IB has been renamed to Quant2IB.
    Anyone using this, I'd appreciate any shared experiences.
  4. flip


    I have the feeling this product is not updated anymore, e.g here they state:

    "Is QUANT2IB up-to-date with IB software?
    QUANT2IB is up-to-date with the latest IB version API 9.41 (Release Date: Feb 5, 2008)."

    A more recent product is this here:
    It was recently coverd in AutomatedTrader magazine ( ), but apart from having used the trial version I cannot say much about it.