MATLAB Technical/ Fundamental analysis system

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by monarc, Mar 1, 2005.

  1. monarc



    Would anybody be interested in a MATLAB GUI that does the following

    1) Gets historical data from bloomberg,yahoo..
    2)Do all the technical analysis
    3)Does REAL-TIME analysis of stcoks by interacting with IB API.
    4) Possible also get information from the web about the key fundamentals....
    5) Any other things that you want to be included.

    I am almost done with the first three..but yet to do the fourth one. I am trying to see if anybosy would be interested in such a product. I do know that there is gloriosia which does real time trading. I dont want to go that far..atleast yet...But a good analysis tool would be good. I built this for my educational purposes but just want to see if there are other people or trading software developers who would be interested in this...Please let me know...
  2. flakac


    I am interested.
    I use Matlab and plan to connect Matlab with broker (trough metatrader api)
    The matlab time series toolbox as well as datafeed toolbox is a bit crappy.
    We can work together if you want
  3. monarc


  4. monarc


    Have you tried it?? It costs 100 dollars for a licence right?? I am not a professional trader and so do not want to invest in it. Moreover, I believe that it is better to do tradinf with some other system and do the analysis in MATLAB. MATLAB is best when it is used as an analyzing tool rather than as a Trading Tool. MATLAB is good to put your ideas immediately to use, rather than spend lot of days in developing it in C++...
  5. sycaten


    However, you want to have the data available in Matlab for further analysis in parallell with your trading. The next step is to do everything from within matlab, i.e also do your trading in matlab.

    Sounds like a very good idea to me. (Gloriosa is a finished product?)
  6. I think #5 is the most interesting.

    All previous four can be implemented with little work with
    many software available, so why anyone need to learn
    Matlab, I don't know anything about it?
  7. flakac


    For me working with Matlab is more comfortable then using other software. The problem with Matlab is that Matlab does not contain AmiBroker's or MetaTrader's capabilities in technical analysis, backtesting etc. However, Matlab is powerful computing environment.