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  1. Hi guys . . .

    I'm new to this Matlab software . . . Right now I'm working on the help menu, you know just going through the tuturiols.

    I keep getting this error, I don't know if it has to do with InternetExplorer or not. (Just so you know I have Jcreator installed but not open on my machine)

    the code:

    Uncaught error fetching image:
    	at ice.storm.ImageInputStream.checkRealIn(
    	at ice.storm.ImageInputStream.getContentType(
    	at ice.storm.ImageConnection.getContentType(
    	at sun.awt.image.URLImageSource.getDecoder(Unknown Source)
    	at sun.awt.image.InputStreamImageSource.doFetch(Unknown Source)
    	at sun.awt.image.ImageFetcher.fetchloop(Unknown Source)
    	at Source)
    ??? doc('Uncaught error fetching image:
    Error: Expected a variable, function, or constant, found "incomplete string".

    Hey I'll be keeping this thread going with more questions observations and how MatLab helps with trading!
  2. the link you posted is to MATLAB Builder for Java. I just installed Matlab.

    The first thing I did after I noticed the (recurring) error message was go to that website and type it in the search field. I knew that would save some time. But I only got one match, that same link you posted. I read the info there but it doesn't pertain to anything in Matlab as opposed to MATLAB Builder for Java.

    Anyone with experience in this. . it's not a pressing issue . . just every so often if I have a IE window open , this error keeps coming up.

    I'm sure it has something to do with the JCreator/JVM I have installed here. JEEZ it seems like you need a a MSCS just to figure out how Java can screw up anything on your comp.

    I'm sure this is a simple problem I just don't know where to start looking!
  3. To note:

    I have the 6.5 version as compared to the new 7.3.
  4. anybody?
  5. rosy2


    i think you can run matlab without java. try that and see.

    you might try python,numpy,scipy as a matlab alternative.
  6. Have you tried installing the latest Sun JVM? It is possible to have multiple versions on one machine.