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    I have the angle in degrees ( like 22,45,67,75), I also have the length of 100 for the bottom black line.

    How do I calculate the LENGTH of X (ie dotted red line)

    I forgotten SIN, COS, TAN..

    Please advise...thanks
  2. Remember the rhyme about the indian princess named soh-cah-toa.

    sin = opposite over hypotenuse (sin->soh)
    cah = adjacent over hypotenuse (cos->cah)
    toa = oppositive over adjacent (tan->toa)

    Calculators do it in radians and not degrees, usually; make sure you convert from rad to deg, or deg to rad for the values.
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    Tan(67) = X/100

    100 * Tan(67) = X
  5. Just curious. Why would this thread be in the Trading forum?
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    Writing code for a super dooper angle thingy me gig
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    Ok its NOT working..

    Tan(67) = X/100

    100 * Tan(67) = X

    I assume I convert the 67 to redians like

    Angle = 67 / 180 * Math.PI
  8. Is it by any chance chart related? As in the angle of price action? (I hope not.)
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    NOPE pixels, but it is on chart, I converted to pixels

    100 is pixels
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    Why convert to radians? Just make sure whatever you are using to calculate the tangent is in degrees. Either way it will be the same answer. It would be (67 * Pi) / 180 if you are trying to convert to radians.
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