Mathematics: Language of the Gods.

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    Mathematics: Language of the Gods.

    All scientist in mathematics and chemistry use the same numbers in chemistry and physics.

    mathematics is the language of the Gods, language of th universe.

    And nuclear energy is the fire of the God's

    Meteorites, rocks of the Gods.

    Fibonacci sequence is natural occuring sequence used by traders..Even traders using the secrets of the Gods. Deep secrets.

    Fibonacci in trading is powerful stuff. The power of Nature.
  2. Cold, I thought mathematics is the language of mathematicians. :D
  3. An abstraction not perfectly congruent with observed phenomena but close enough. The language of God? Maybe if he were talking out of both sides of his mouth.
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    But what base number do the God's (God) use? We use base 10 because we have 10 fingers.
  5. God uses binary, obviously. Assembly is the language of choice.
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    Mathematics: The Language of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  7. There are some issues with mathmatics that even most 7th graders catch and thats with the exponent zero. For instance. 5^0=1 and 3^0=1 and 1^0=1, ect, and these can be proven until you come to 0^0 at which it breaks down. We still define 0^0=1, but it really doesnt. You cant start with zero, multiply it by itself any number of times and get anything other than zero. But using the 0^0=1 makes many theorems run smoothly. (I guess this is how they get the big bang theory to work)