Mathematician Plays the Stock Market

Discussion in 'Trading' started by VisionTrader, Jul 27, 2003.

  1. Anybody read this book by John Allen Paulos? My wife gave me an ad from The New Yorker and I can't tell if it is just a comedy or has any value.
  2. the reviews of this book to get more info about it.
  3. I recently started reading this book but have not yet finished it. I suppose all books have some value, but if you are looking for insight into some miraculous trading system it ain't here. It does however make some interesting references to market psychology.
  4. I read this recently. It has nothing much to do with trading.
  5. nitro


    I read it in an hour and a half while at Banes and Noble. Fun to read and in some cases insightful, but one gets the feeling while reading it that he does not know how to trade.

  6. gaj


    but i don't understand why.

    read the last 25 pages or so, and it was a "oops, i invested in worldcom. oops, i kept buying as it went down. and then i emailed bernie ebbers!"

    i can't imagine that the first part of the book would be of any use.
  7. For what it's worth, his previous book about mathematical 'innumeracy' is I think worth a look - lots of examples of widespread mistakes made in assessing probability etc.