Mathematically Predicting the Future?

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  1. yes
    convient theories

    is what they are

    Random walk....CAPM...etc
    non work
    I agree...
    it's how it's used or sometimes overlooking
    to creat a better model
    Modelers sometimes make it complicated
    Good modelers do not want to...gets harder that way...
    but I think its in the sheer observation
    U think if someone had great model...they will post it?...Noway..(ie. Gann)
    Trust me my friend you are on the right track to use math
    Check what they say about Oil...these days

    getting the emotional rise world-wide

    recall the Nasda 100 when was 5200 area
    Same thing

    DJI Index heading to 11,300
    in july
    politicans and cnbc people wont do their Jobs if they knew were the MKT is going

    they Just Tag the excuses for the MKT doing its thing

    So short the ^DJI till july
    then Wait for cnbc to excuse it in july
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  2. Hey Guys
    Doctors recommended Ciggretes in the 1930 as a digesting thing + relaxing method

    1960 they recommended qoilodes
    over the counter drug to relax
    elvies dies

    at least math is the one field that uses profs
    and not empirical

    80 processers in a normal clocks...etc
    maybe Albert had something to with it?
    I do not think the FDA likes it
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  3. Any update after 13 years?
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