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  1. This may be an odd question - I am personally too old now to be current on this information so I pose it to the ET community...

    Is there such a thing as a decent online Masters program in Mathematical/Computational Finance? I suppose even a thorough certificate program might be appropriate (is the Wilmott thing still offered, or any good?) A course-based rather than thesis-based would be appropriate - this particular lady is not looking to invent anything new, it's for background knowledge (think of it as high end night school).

    One that I would completely trust is Carnegie-Mellon's, but it doesn't go live until next fall (IIRC).
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  3. I think Wilmott is recognized worldwide.
    They were the first.
    And Paul is held in high regard (just ask him !)
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  5. what the fuck? cmu have an online only masters program now?
  6. The inexpensive quantitative finance programs around NYC are super competitive. Stony Brook and Baruch require near perfect GRE or GMAT quant scores. I think Baruch's acceptance rate is 6%. With that said a starting salary is around 130k.

    As mentioned above you can check out I would just buy all of their course readings on amazon and try to learn as much as possible while pursuing a general MBA in finance or related. The 20k tuition for a certificate is absurd but the books may be worth the few hundred of dollars. If you put enough effort you may at least hold a general conversation with some quant guys and get an internship somewhere.

    You also need to decide whether you want to pursue an Ph D. The masters is just another step towards a Ph D. Secondly do you really want to do it online? This is a program that requires access to a lot of expensive software tools such as statistical programs, Bloomberg, etc. I think doing it online would be a huge disadvantage.
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    If you really want to be able to put that on your resume then get ready to spend the cash otherwise you are better off learning by yourself buying books and finding courses etc
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    carnegie-mellon is an excellent school.
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    first, u need to contact carnegie's job fair to get the list of companies attending the fair.

    u really want to go to a school where the house recruit the most.
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