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  1. I am trying to determine the exact date that something will happen based on statistical data.

    Here is the data:


    At the present rate of posting (Aphe is overposting at the rate of over 3 times the rate of Don on average based on today's statistical data), assuming it remains constant, on what exact date will Aphecoil overtake Don Bright for most excessive poster.

    This question is not as easy as it looks, as Don is posting less these like all moving averages the numbers can be misleading.


    P.s. Perhaps we could start a gambling contest to bet on what date Aphe becomes the new King of overposters....
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    How about if we throw one more into the mix :p

    disclaimer; 80-90 of those posts were cut&paste jobs to the Trading Maxims thread ...
  3. OPTIONAL777,

    Whatever date you come up with I will purposely prove you wrong -- just like the market.
  4. x-or


    Ok, i take the easiest solution : considering that the post frequency remains as they are today.

    So, we have (N = the number of days from today) :
    A = Aphex's number of posts = 574 + 21.73 x N
    D = Don's number of posts = 2287 +7.15 x N

    I have to find N to solve : A>D

    The solution is : N = (2287-574)/(21.73-7.15) wich is about 117 days.

    Hum, more than 3 months ... ? I can't believe it. Aphie is a compulsive poster and Don has been too quiet recently.
  5. Ok, i know i am new to this board, but i know i am not the only one thats tired of you wasting band with,.. So Don sleep with your wife somewhere down the line... move on...this game of penis envy has to stop. your making yourself look bad. and childish, yall should outclass each other by ansering post with better information helping people like me learn. Sorry everyone else i know i am not the only one that feels like this..just had to say something .Thanks again in advance. Rocky
  6. You are assuming that I'm going to keep up this frequency of posts. August / Early Sept. has been an especially slow period in my life. However, starting next week you'll see a very decent drop in the number of my posts -- perhaps down to a few a week.

    I'm sure you will be looking forward to this.
  7. nugya


    When was the last time, you said something usefull on this board.

    Obviously you have lots of time time waste!!

    Well, you can say what ever you want from now on because you are on my ignore list
  8. Since nugya can't read me, given I have achieved his "ignore" status, I don't mind insulting him.

    Just how "manly" and "mature" is it to tell someone off then hang up on them, or slam the door on your way out after giving them "a piece of your mind"?

    That is the kind of thing women and children do....

    How can anyone be so emotionally immature and out of control yet at the same time be a successful trader? I've never known a good trader who couldn't control their emotions or handle them in an adult manner, or was lacking a sense of humor, that sense of humor either about themselves or others. Overly serious traders crack up in due course of time.