math test for imc-chicago

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  1. yo1234


    Has anyone taken imc-chicago math tests? If so, anything you recommend studying?
  2. Do you know if the test is similar to the first one given at Optiver? There's a simulator you can use to get accustomed to the nomenclature they use for that.
  3. athowams


    I am going to take the IMC numerical tests in Amsterdam as well. Do you have any tips for the tests? Are they similar to Optiver test?

    Thanks lot in advance.
  4. nathanos


    I have been invited to take an online math test with IMC - Chicago. If anyone has taken this, or an onsite test, I would appreciate any pointers. Thank you!
  5. athowams


    It was standard SHL numerical test, 21 questions in 21 minutes, it is not so hard but the time could be an issue. Have you taken it? Do you know what is the next round?
  6. nathanos


    I took it but was not invited to the next round. I ran out of time, too slow.
  7. athowams


    so sorry to hear this.
  8. Here's some sample questions. Speed is the key to getting to 2nd round.
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    good luck

  10. Hmmm , for a second round I was expecting much more complex questions…no wonder that WS firms need a bailouts. Here are a few examples:

    Can a janitor with annual compensation of 18k afford a 650k adjustable mortgage ( no down payment) ?
    (answer: yes)

    What leverage should a 24 years old senior trader use for un hedged directional bets ?
    (answer: 200 to 1)

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