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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by randommatrix, Dec 6, 2011.

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  1. I am a mathematics PhD and I have been developing automated trading strategies for two years with some partners of my company. Now the strategies have been mature and I would like to share with other investors/traders. The website of my company is
    You can contact me through the website.
  2. Please see attachment.

    Where are you located?
  3. Roark


    He shuld use spel chik.
  4. I will correct it. I am currently located in Chicago.
  5. Roark


    You should change this phrase too: "make the system have more and more intelligence". Revise it to something simpler, like "make systems having increasing intelligence".

    The impression is of a guy working solo out of his mother's basement, with nobody around to proof read your copy. Get on Fivr or something and see if you can get someone to proof read your material.

    Do your systems actually work? Can't you just code something up that uses less capital and trade it yourself?
  6. Sorry for my English. I am a native Chinese so my enlgish will never be better than my native language. However this doesn't affect trading performance.

    As a matter of fact, a successful trading strategy seriously depends on the commission. I have done numerical simulation which shows a HFT strategy with retail commission won't be profitable. I need an investor who can afford a CME seat.
    That's the reason why I don't only trade my own capital.
  7. Looks like it was written by Chinese.

    If you are good, you do not need capital. You can trade on your own capital and build up your wealth.

    If you need capital, it is getting much harder nowadays. You need to provide proven track record to trade Other People's Money. Then again, if you do have proven track record, you probably do not need capital.
  8. We are a start-up company, but I am not working alone.
    I have more than 10 partners and 3 of them are highly active working with me. All the quants working with me have PhD degrees and have background of the biggest companies in the world such as GE, Amazon, Microsoft and etc. Our engineers are also top in their professions.
    Again, I would like to aplologize for our English, because we are all native Chinese speakers. I just want to assure you that our english skills doesn't affect our technology and research level at all.
  9. Many people say "If one trader is good, he doens't need to manage other people's money but just trading himeself and accumulate his wealth".
    Nowdays, trading is becoming extremely competitive. This is true only if he has enough money to pay his quant researcher, programmers, platforms, softwares, expensive exchange seat fees and etc.
  10. Like all the established and successful trading firms, eventually, after we accumulate enough capital, we will only trade our own capital and won't accept other money at all. You guys give me an impression that you guys are not professional traders because you don't know the research of quant trading is not free.
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