Matastock can't make realtime connection

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Holt, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Holt


    I bought Metastock Professional 7.01 from eBay a long time ago. I didn't use it since I could't make it connect to eSignal realtime data. It kept saying that I have to make Microsoft Outlook my default email program. Does any one know what the problem is?
    Can I up grade it to Metastock 9.2? Thank you very much.
  2. I've had various upgrades of MS Pro, and have never had that Outlook message. ?? As you are having 2 problems, could be too much schmutz on your HD... you might try a fresh OS install.

    My upgrade from v7.22 to 9.1 would be $349. You might check with Equis... as you were not original purchaser, they may not let you upgrade for that price.
  3. Holt


    Thank you for your reply. Please tell me if there are different versions of Upgrades for different versions of Metastock. For example, will the Upgrade for Metastock 7.22 different from the Upgrade for Metastock 8.01? The reason I ask this is I wonder if I can buy ANY Metastock Upgrade from eBay and still upgrade my version of Metastock. Thanks!
  4. The only upgrade you can get is from "whatever version you have" to the "current version", which I believe is v9.1. Their official policy is that your pay for a license to use the software indefinitely, but not own it. Therefore there is nothing to transfer for another person's use.

    I suggest you call them and ask whether they will let you upgrade. There's apparently no way for them to stop you from using any version you happen to buy, however. But unless you have a "customer number" with them (which you would only have as an official, licensee), they won't provide tech support.

    Also, Equis has been known to force potential sales of MS Pro [used] OFF of auction at eBay. So if you see one and want to buy, you'd better act fast!
  5. Holt


    Thanks you all very much for your information. I think sooner or latter I'll switch to either Metastock or Tradestation because the eSignal software I am now using wipes out an entire bar during the evening sections. I just don't understand why they are so stubborn as not to correct such a serious fault! On the other hand, Metastock may be easier to install since it doesn't need to download a plugin from eSignal. I know you have been using Metastock for a long time, tell me is it as handy as eSignal's software?
  6. I've used Metastock and eSignal for years, but I mostly archive the data on my hard drive rather the run from their server. I hardly ever have any problem at all.