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    Just fielding a few quick questions...

    Does anyone have personal experience with mentoring as applied to trading?

    (AKA Napoleon Hill's Mastermind)

    Are there any retail investors here who have mentored with seasoned pros?

    Are there any professionals who have tried their hand at mentoring?

    Speaking to both sides, how did you find the experience, and did it meet your expectations? Typically, what time frame was involved?

    The reason I ask is that I've sought mentoring in other avenues (with oftentimes surprising results) and am contemplating seeking mentoring with a professional I respect, both as a person and as a trader.

    All opinions welcomed,
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    well Morpheus is not here but I can tell you that many forumiters against mentoring idea, search on key word 'mentor' for more info, good luck :cool:
  3. Mentoring isn't really all it's cracked up to be. I was lucky enough to get mentored by one of the greats.

    After six months, he was sure that I had it down, he let me go.

    A great mentor will not waste their time with someone who they feel can suceed on their own.

    I guess just one of the axioms in the market.