Mastering the Four Fears

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by tireg, Jul 14, 2006.

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    It is not a feeling of guilt. It is a feeling of ease. Good trading. All the best,...Paul.
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  2. I agree with this. Most of my profits come from riding big trends after those rare breakouts or reversals. I learned to trade by scalping though, so I'm used to limiting my position size. When I've caught a real move, I'm hesitant to take on anything more than 4,000 shares, even when I can see that kind of size is possible, just because it feels so unnatural. Think it was Soros (or Druckenheimer?) who said you can never be enough of a pig when you're right. Something I have to really work on.

    I think Douglas is talking more about class/religious/social norms some people have internalized that associate excessive income with bad character. I think a lot of people have a ceiling on their earning potential simply because of who they are, and what they think is "normal" or "good."
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    Hey, guys? GUILT? Get with the fucking program here. Send your profits to a childrens charity if that's the way you feel? As for taking money from the market.............don't get me swearing.
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  4. What kind of $$$ do you net out of the market annually?

    I think there are definiely things holding some back that have to do with guilt because once you make enough to live comfortably, its hard to "justify" making more.

    Of course I know it sounds crazy but the human subconscious is powerful and if it thinks you have enough, its hard to convince it otherwise.

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  5. True. Quite often traders settle for a comfortable income instead of trying to achieve more.
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  7. If you don't believe class, culture, the subconscious, etc. affect decision making then you're lacking some pretty basic education.
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  8. How many billion per year do you profit from the market?
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    Affection? For who?
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  10. What is your current level of success in the financial markets? You havent answered this question yet.

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