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    l heard the book can be summed in 1 page?
    what's this book all about?
  2. I have considered this book, and went to Amazon to read customer reviews. I have also flipped through it in a bookstore (I will admit that is not the same as firsthand experience).

    But what I saw over and over again in the Amazon reviews, is that the book is very poorly written, ie redundant, verbose, not getting to the point. The book is fairly thick.

    Some people realy liked it, but personally, I can't stand reading a book that is poorly written. To suceed at trading, you must be focussed and have clarity
  3. I didn't find the book to be that badly written - but certainly Farley's style is a little strange. Reading it feels more like listening to someone talk about trading, rather than reading a textbook - i.e. a little unstructured & repetitive. However, this didn't bother me too much, & I thought that the content was good enough to make up for it.
  4. I bought The Master Swing Trader because I heard it was a classic.I recently read a post on EliteTrader that is could be scaled down to 10 pages and I couldnt agree more,its terribly written.
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    the book keep repeating the same points so that newbie can get it, it is great for beginner and good to review it one a while. It is neither can be sum up in one page or poorly written.
  6. "summed up in 1 page"

    I'm sure a it could be made shorter - but there is still a lot of good stuff in it.
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    Is it worth reading at all? I already own it, and am about to start it. Is it at least a good review of trading ideas?
  8. You guys crack me up! Let's see...what does the book cost? About $50? A few ticks in other words. LOL. I wonder if you can STRUGGLE through that "poor writing" to find one idea that might make you a few ticks?

    By the way, I've read lots of books over the years...some were good, some were poor....but I read them all because one single idea can make you a pile of money. And the problem is, I don't know in advance WHERE the idea is coming from.

    I read this book....I thought it was a good book. It's been a couple of years, but I don't recall that I thought it was poorly written, of course, I'm not an English teacher. I thought he had some good trading ideas, covered some concepts well. Well worth the $50.

  9. I own the book, but did not read yet. Yet I did take a closer look at its contents and it seems to be a good book, fairly comprehensive. It's worth the $50 for sure.
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    Anybody who says this book could be be summed in 1 page probably hasn't read it all the way through. I have. Recently I picked it up again for a second read through and I am amazed at how much substance is packed into the 400+ pages. Don't believe what you hear, read it yourself.
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