master Python programmer?

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    PM me mate.
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    Pycharm is great for debugging code and fine tuning it with timings.
    Stackoverflow has s lot of food examples between panda and numpy ,
    With some discussions on speed.
    For backtesting thinkorswim has a lot of analysis and you can choose your own.
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    LOL :D
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    They do have some really good looking option graphs and probabilities. Give them some credit =)
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  6. Hi,

    I don't think I would qualify as a Python guru, so I'm just putting this out there:

    I'm working full-time as a statistician at the University of Pennsylvania, and a part-time grad student in computer science. I've been increasingly interested in trading in the past year, and this summer built a tool in python for automating stock research with an equity trader. I'd be happy to chat about working with anyone on any sort of project involving trading, data management, and statistics, so PM me if you're interested.

    I mostly work in R, I know Java, and Python, of course, is the baby.

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    Hey Secret Santa, not sure if I am coming late into this but I am a python (among many languages) programmer of 30+ years. I am interested in your project. I have been looking into side projects to dabble in for fun now that I have lots of free time on my hands as of late. I use telegram if you do (same goes for anyone with programming related ideas and tasks) otherwise you can try private messaging me on here.
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  8. Might also be of help, have three years of Python coding experience. Happy to chat.
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