Master "it's done"

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  1. Head of the Cavalry to Master Ben, on the capture of 1,400 and 13,000...

    Master.. "it's done"... "what is your next wish.. sir?"
  2. "Bring me the head of every shorter on ET"
  3. as goes gm...
  4. Hank Paulson: "It's Done"

    Ben Bernanke: "And what of my nephew? And what of his mother? Should they share her lover's fate? Or should I be merciful?
    Bernanke the merciful. And as for you (turning towards Meredith Whitney).. you will love me, as I loved you. You will provide me with an heir, of pure blood, so that Bernanke and his progeny shall rule the markets for a thousand years...
    Am I not merciful?

    AM I NOT MERCIFUL!?!?!!!"
  5. LOL! You knew I was looking for that quote from Gladiator!.. Thanks Man.. All time great..
  6. As of 4PM today, I am one ET shorter. 1/2 of my sword is next to his neck.
  7. What about this title from the bears:

    Slave "you will never be done".

  8. There is a BIG WHITE CANDLE sitting on the SPX charts after a Ben Bernanke sponsored rally.

    Hope the shorts and bears burn in hell.
  10. LOL
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