Massive Wall St Pay Cuts

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  1. From the New York Times 07/26/08:

    Government officials in New York are preparing for what could be the biggest single-year decline in pay on Wall Street in history and with it a vexing shortfall in city and state revenues.

    A review of the latest statements from the largest financial companies based in the city shows that they intend to hand out about $18 billion less in pay and benefits in 2008 than in 2007. The cutting of payrolls is well under way, but the full effect will not be felt until the year’s end, when bonuses for employees based in New York could shrink by $10 billion or more, according to city officials and compensation experts.
  2. Good! Anything which reduces local and state government revenue so they're forced to cut spending is a great thing.
  3. While this does NOT make me gleeful, maybe it's a good thing that Wall Street experience the problems that Main Street is and has been suffering for the last few years....
  4. This should make Obama happy. Now things are more "Fair"
  5. bstay