Massive traffic--- what is going on?

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  1. I own a few blogs. A couple about trading, but most are non trading blogs. One of the blogs is receiving "massive traffic" today, and I do not know why? It usually receive about 70 visitor a day, but today it is receiving 400 an hour! Yesterday it also received heavy traffic (around 150 per hour). For the trading site, if post a given day, then I receive a spike in traffic, but the traffic on this site is sustained. There is a reason.

    Anything special this week?
  2. you should be able to see in your page counter where they are coming from. google? or maybe some popular site created a link to your blog.

    summer=few surf the web
  3. I am trying to figure it out, but I have not yet. It is massive traffic. If I can have 10 sites like this one and it works like this every day, it prints money. I checked adsense, it made 30 dollars. I think it is going to die down. This is strange, but they are pounding it. Close to 8K page impressions so far.

    Anyone in here who has sites?
  4. Summer + past traffic makes makes it strange. I hope it is not a robot playing games.

    For those who own sites: what is your experience about web traffic, and also how do you get traffic?
  5. Pekelo


    Digg effect?
  6. are you waiting for anyone to ask what are your blogs? ;-)
  7. No, I do not need that. I have traffic. I have even a list, and I do not send them emails. If you want to make money from my list, you can advertise to them.
  8. i has been a long time since i played with blogs. i remember i had a free web counter and it plainly listed urls and the type of search that lead to a particular visit. google analytics should do that as well i am guessing.
  9. I did not install it on this site that is being pounded. I think google analytics needs 24 hours. This site is an ignored site.

    I do not want to work on it to later see traffic go to little. I will give it sometime to see if this is sustained.

    If any of you want traffic for trading related subject, I have found a way to do it. It DOES NOT involve running around putting links in sites/etc.

    Here is a secret: if you have a site and you publish regularly, and your site has value, google seems to give a grade and they send you traffic.

    If I post on my site now, I can get 500 visitors in the next 2 hours.
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