MaSsIve SquEeze today

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by stock777, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. soon
  2. long or short, pick one. lets see if you get it right :)

  3. Get the coin out
  4. Dont matter. Buy a spread

    Ya gots to admit, my timing is exquisite

    15+ ES off that call
  5. I mean every time I tell you the move is coming it comes, within minutes.

    Its a matter of record.

    I use the generic squeeze since if I call it too well, it would scare the women and children,
  6. una11


    Short side getting WAY to crowded me - I heard some guy at the mall telling his buddies how shorting is such a no brainer.
  7. sorry, no direction no praise. longhorns 2, stock777 0

  8. lol, a 25 point ES move, you dont need direction fool. You need glasses
  9. anyone can predict the market will move big in the last 1 hour or so when the Vix is at 30+. Thats easy. Especially when we are at a major inflection point.

  10. The you made a killing buying spreads right?

    Congrats pointy one.
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