MASSIVE short covering in stocks.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by dealer, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. dealer


    This rally is the TIP of the iceberg.....

    This week will seperate the MEN from the boys....

    We are about to see short covering of EPIC proportions.

    Enjoy the ride.
  2. w3rd that.

    52 week highs coming


    Care to explain?
  4. dealer


    I will later, but for now all the information you need is on the screen and in the charts.


    I just don't follow the "epic" comment, there doesn't seem to have been that many stops above recent highs, market have not YET rallied past the resistance, that's first. Secondly, what short covering do you refer to? From what period?
  6. tomorrow CPI will likely create EPIC shorting not shortcovering :)
  7. If the stupid shorts would stop shorting the dammm market would correct, their just so stupid. The market seems a bit excited today for sure. CPI tomorrow will cap this unbridled enthusiasm.
  8. dealer


    you mean selling?

    ha! sell short at you peril....

    We will not even see 1450 in SP futures this week! If you want to talk short term, we will see 1500 in SP M7 BEFORE we see 1450 again. We may even see 1500 this week....

    Good luck with the shorting...
  9. The CPI number wont do that. if there is a selloff it will be moderate.

    When was the last time en economic indicator caused a massive selloff? I can't remember one for the past year.

    There are too many economic indicators and they are released so frequently nowadays that they don't have too much impact on the market.
  10. JSSPMK


    Well anything can happen, we are not in a position to know these things before they happen. It can happen today, we don't know this. I just wanted to know what "epic" short covering the OP was referring to, I mean who are these dumb fucks in "epic" proportions that are short the market? Any commercial banks in that list? General public?
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