Massive Ships 12-Miles Offshore to Provide Floating City for Entrepreneurial Start-U

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  1. Massive Ships 12-Miles Offshore to Provide Floating City for
    Entrepreneurial Start-Ups

    A company named Blueseed is a year away from offering entrepreneurs an inexpensive place,
    near Silicon Valley, in which to develop their products.
    "Blueseed will station a ship 12 nautical miles from the coast of San Francisco, in international
    The location will allow startup entrepreneurs from
    anywhere in the world to start or grow their company
    near Silicon Valley, without the need for a U.S. work
    The ship will be converted into a coworking and
    co-living space, and will have high-speed Internet
    access and daily transportation to the mainland via
    ferry boat. So far, over 1000 entrepreneurs from 60+
    countries expressed interest in living on the ship."
  2. Brilliant idea. Amazing, but it will be a crowded space within a year.
  3. Peter Thiel backs this idea with his seasteading institute--- love it!!
  4. If they can have a visa lottery for Tom Dick & Harry why cant they just issue a U.S. work visa for legitimate entrepreneurs?

    Why cant these guys just keep renewing a business visa via Mexico?

    (FYI, I don't live in the states)
  5. sounds like a great short :eek:
  6. What about pirates?
  7. Presumably they'd be welcome too, they didn't specify what kind of entrepreneurs they want:p

    Seems like a fertile place to launch a marauding empire.

  8. define 'legitimate entrepeneur'
  9. here is a picture you can use for reference
  10. A few 50 calibers and a moat of mines should solve this issue, if it ever arises. surf
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