Massive Sell Off Today!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by NathanGresham, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. With the $HSI losing more than 5%(1500+!) and the European markets selling off strong, we are going to have on huge down day! Dow 200+ point drop, S & P 20+ point drop. Short every thing across the board gentleman! it's going to get bad!

    No decent macros will bee out this week, only pathetic corp earnings and weak macro indicators to print! Enjoy the slide!:)
  2. damn 1500..whats's that like 5%??
  3. European Markets selling off strongly? What kinda weed are you smoking?

    At this point I see DAX is off 0.5%, EuroStoxx50 down 0.6%. ES down 0.7%. Little to no volume (so far).
  4. LOL ... don't undersell the market ... Massive = 3000 points.
  5. The bigger sellof the better for a daytrader. :)
  6. candles


    anyone think we rally hard today?

  7. not really. The C crisis is only the tip of the iceberg. Methinks the smart money will rotate outof equities for now, including out of the China bubble.
  8. Anybody hoping for a huge selloff will probably be disappointed, one way selloffs where the market declines nonstop for about 300ish points are not the norm. I think we'll do something like friday with selloffs and rallys throughout hte day.
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    there is some news that China may delay QDII investment into HK shares
  10. It is not QDII. QDII is there already. They delay the self-direct investment into HK stocks.
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