Massive Reduction in Electricity

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  1. Electricity consumption is one of the biggest problem for the world economy. Today trains all over the world run on electricity power and they must be consuming massive amounts of electricity.

    Earlier there used to be steam locomotives/engines which would use coal to run the trains. These massive locomotives were slow to heat up but when they were heated up these locomotives would run at high speed non-stop. There is excess/abundent coal supply in this world and they are cheap.

    Bring back steam locomotives/engines for world trains. People who need fast travel they can always travel by planes.
  2. When today coal continues to fuel the largest share of worldwide electric power production then why not use coal/steam locomotives for world trains? Basically today world trains are using coal indirectly.
  3. Think of China and India. The world will be in serious trouble because of China's and India's electricity consumption.

    Today's advanced and high tech technology can manufacture fast and low cost steam locomotives/engines for trains. They can compete with electric locomotives.

    You have to construct millions of miles of overhead electric cables that feed electricity to fast trains. Also you have to construct many millions of steel pillars that support overhead cables.
  4. Check this out, a brand new (not restored or antique) 100 mph steam locomotive in the UK. The Tornado.


    100 mph speed is more than enough for trains. Also a train running at 350 kmph is equally dangerous as plane flying at 700 mph. Anybody who needs faster travel can always travel by planes.
  5. The problem with coal locomotives is the health cost be people are directly exposed unlike power plants that are miles away.
  6. Wood coal smoke is not harmful for human beings and animals because wood is 100% natural substance. Which coal is used in steam locomotive?
  7. Only Massive reduction in brain function could help the world IMHO
  8. If many countries introduce high speed trains then terrorists will target high speed trains because they are uncontrollable at high speed if something goes wrong. A train travelling at 200 Kmph can be saved if terrorists blow up the railroad/track (as planned by Osama).

    High speed trains will need security similar to TSA security checks and there will be further problems. Everbody is angry with TSA. Airports are highly secured. Why provide terrorists with easy target (high speed trains)?
  9. Read up on Maglev technology.
  10. Maglev is highly expensive. 1 Kilometer magnetic track cost many millions of dollars.
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