massive MSFT earnings

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  1. QQQQ's up over 50 cents
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    Great results. Short squeeze. Will get back to 32.5.
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  4. I think msft just determined the direction of channel resolution on major indices .

    It's going to take a major disaster at this point to break the charts down. Either that or appl has to have some horrific news. Appl and Msft are top 2 weighted equities in Qs, and appl is sitting on great news/congestion pattern.

    Get the feeling tomorrow's charts will be looking something like this sometime during the day. Great if you're long.
    If you're short and have any remote belief in TA, take a good look at the channel lines and make sure to follow your stop methodology IMO.

  5. its always great to be long

    been that way since oct. 2002
  6. Wow up to 35.5 in after hours trading...
  7. We're in a second tech boom
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    too bad you don't believe in jerry yang, stck-trd3r. yhoo has new mojo and is increasingly very much a part of this tech boom. they have hired many people from google after their goog options vested and they left. watch for some announcements on wireless tech. from yhoo.
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    wait for CFC...

    CFC writes down huge Fin will be crushed tomorrow...
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    It seems MSFT is headed toward $40.
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