Massive down spike in AUD/USD wtf?

Discussion in 'Forex Trading' started by AyeYo, Nov 3, 2009.

  1. AyeYo


    Did anyone else just (7:30 EST) see the instant 70 pip drop in the AUD/USD? wtf just happened? I thought data feed error, but we're still hovering down 40 pips? wtf...

    By instant, I mean INSTANT. I'm not saying it went down quickly. I'm saying I'm watching my long... "yay... it's going up, up 3, up 6, down 70 wtf??" It was one tick to the next, a 70 pip drop.
  2. Goldman got your money


    All roads lead to GS :)
  4. AyeYo


    Yea I don't mind donating to the Goldman bonuses; I just want to know if Benny announced a halt of the money crank or something.

    I've seen quick drops, but 70 pips in the single tick is a little ridiculous.


    Did you see 15 minute chart? Very weak p/a, could be just a violent shake out.
  6. Aussie Retail sales coming in worse than expected.
  7. AyeYo


    Yea, I'm watching now. I went balls to the wall and averaged down at 0.8994.

    Coming back up now...

    Debating a dump for break-even, I don't wanna play if this is what the action is like tonight.
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  9. AyeYo


    Got out for -0.7. Like a dumb shit I wasn't paying attention and the order was on buy instead of sell and I opened two more positions. Whatever, a 0.7 loss is better than a 70 loss. Yet another example of why I don't use stop losses.
  10. Aye, you need to know if there is data, news, reports coming out before entering a trade.

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