massive dde: core 2 quad or Xeon?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gaidaros, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. gaidaros


    Dear people,
    I am streaming a massive amount of live dde data and my computer maxes out the processor abilities. I will upgrade the processor, would you suggest 32bit or 64bit and then which processor type? Stability and performance are important, no graphical system, just data crunching.


  2. maxpi


    I hear that most software does not benefit from 64 bit. Is that an Excel app you are running? DDE is kind of retro afaik.
  3. gaidaros


    yeah, it is an excel app. i know rtd would be better, but I can only get the data in dde format. so Xeon with bigger cache would do the trick?
  4. vikana

    vikana Moderator

    With a lot of streaming data and I/O, I'd choose a XEON processor, but run in on XP.

    I'm not sure how well DDE is supported on Microsofts 64 bit OSs.
  5. maxpi


    The standard advice is that more memory is the best spent money, probably the aforementioned Xeon with maxed out memory is the way to go. You might find some benchmark comparisons of processors wherein the benchmark mimics your task and get a comparison chart of all the available processors.
  6. mnx


    wow so many people who don't know quite what they are talking about...

    current xeon's are no different than the dual core and quad core consumer lines from intel, no extra cache, nothing. (except costing you more money)

    also dde works fine in xp-64, but there is no advantage afaik...

    the best thing to do to speed things up on a quad core machine would probably be to split your symbols in half and run 2 copies of excel (1 normally and one inside of VMware or another virtual machine...)

    just an idea, I've never tried it myself, but it would definitely use your cpu resources better...

    - mnx
  7. maxpi


    could split up the work and run it on two machines too, use a kvm switch to share the keyboard/mouse/monitor. I have one machine collecting data 24/7 and doing realtime tests and another one for development, works out well..
  8. Oh yeah... like THAT'S a surprise... Duh!
  9. Yeah, imagine that.

    Especially here on ET where "kids" flock to play wanna-bee "trader" on the Internet. The "Trading Forum" is littered with people that have no idea what they are talking about . . .
  10. actually...rtd is awfull...i use dual xeon and dde with vista 64 bit and excel 2007...

    i have the max 2500 dde links and it works great...

    i use sterling rtd because they do not support dde anymore...dumb...

    esignal dde is working just fine...
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