Massage Parlor was busy as hell today. Bullish sign?

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  1. Lately it has been dead for a while (I posted this observation before the big implosion) and the implosion came.

    Now The place was happening, the girls were busy and all the doors closed. Looks like a potential good sign.
  2. Pekelo


    It is not a bullish sign, it was my birthday party...
  3. Make Millions With the "Seeing Eye"By Jim Fink, CFA
    January 3, 2008 | Comments (0)

    "Having eyes, do you not see?" -- Mark 8:18

    Brothels in Bangkok? That's nuts
    I used to think hedge fund manager Victor Niederhoffer had the seeing-eye gift. His 1997 book The Education of a Speculator was a fascinating look at how price patterns in the stock market are mirrored in nature -- be it musical notes, the life cycle of forests, elephant stampedes in Africa, or the laws of thermodynamics.

    Soon after his book came out, however, Niederhoffer lost virtually all of his investment capital buying futures contracts on the value of Thai stocks that were in the process of imploding.The New Yorker quotes Niederhoffer as stating that he invested in Thailand because -- are you ready? -- a friend of his visited Bangkok and noticed that the brothels were cleaner and safer than usual.

    Based on this "brothel indicator," which Niederhoffer interpreted as a sign that Thailand's developing economy was improving, he invested hundreds of millions of dollars worth of his clients' money. After it went up in smoke, he said:

    I had no scientific basis for investing there. ... It was purely a qualitative idea ... I had no knowledge of the country. I'd never even visited the country. All I had done was finance a trip by [my friend] to the brothels there.

    It's hard to believe that a sophisticated, Harvard-educated money manager entrusted with hundreds of millions of dollars could be so reckless with his foreign investments. Suffice it to say that I no longer believe that Niederhoffer has the seeing eye.

    That (12 years)
    Allianz (NYSE: AZ), Telefonica (NYSE: TEF)

    219ms USEQ\EQWEBA05
  4. you might want to implement the "massage parlor indicator" to develop your trading system
  5. Massages are now covered under many health insurance plans, and even under Medicare in some cases. That's why the country is going bankrupt.
  6. Well massage parlour are busy cause people go there to get out of depression
    Better then loosing money in stocks and seeing your account going lower everyday.
    Atleast it can get your stress away.
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    You go to a "spa" for a massage and you go to a "massage parlor" for a happy ending.
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    people tend to gravitate towards bars and massage polars as a way of escaping life's tribulations.
    bank taking your house?
    wife leaving you?
    getting layed off?
    go to a bar,get fucked up and then go for a massage. at least you will find happiness for a few hours.
  9. There may be a year-end special on the "full release" option in order for the parlor to meet its 2008 financial goals. :cool:
  10. Perhaps it was busy because many of the clients got gift certs for Christmas?

    Or everyone just needs some post holiday stress relief...
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