massacre in after hours

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Kicking, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. YHOO and GOOG !

    when I think I almost bought calls on both, then decided to buy 50 GOOG at the close then decided to wait and buy small numbers of shares of both on the release if YHOO went up on the release. GOOG really looked like it was breaking out again.

    what happened ? it really looked like there was no stopping this market
  2. TGregg


    You answered your own question with your very next statement.
  4. but wait looks like GOOG is coming back 6 pts up from the lows, insane
  5. taodr


    Does anyone actually click on advertisers in the search engines ?? I bet one day they will come out and say what a FRAUD this actually is !
  6. I love the volatility that earnings season brings----------just can't be beat these days.
  7. I always skip down right passed the sponsored links.
  8. why don't you tell me your life story. this market is nuts.
  9. nkhoi


    depend on how relevent is the ad, that is how I end up netflix subscriber by clicking on ad promiss free movie.

  10. NO kidding! Who ever does needs to be shot (g)
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