Mass immigration roundups in U.S. to start Sunday: New York Times

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Banjo, Jul 11, 2019.

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    Let me be the first to state the liberal concern of targeting specific districts for political purposes.
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    and let me be the first to say FANTASTIC!!!---because the Liberals are putting those districts first in trying to defeat Trump. This is great news!!!---we have a president who fights back.
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    Well I wouldn’t put it past Trump but if that is how they conduct themselves it would be a very serious misuse of power.

    But this is more of a media thing than an actual controversy. It’s important to remember deportations are actually down under Trump while border crossings are up.
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    Pelosi absolutely shocked that her caving to border funding went to enforcement and not improving detention conditions.
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  8. We have covered that many times.

    No way that Obama could deport the ones coming in now. Most of his illegals were single men coming for work. Most of invaders now are families with children or children alone making an asylum claim. Once Obama was out of office, the left piled on all the lawsuits which made the asylum game a magnet and an immediate victory for the illegal.

    When Obama deported some one, neither the dems nor there republicans stood in his way. When Trump did/does it, the Soros funded lawyers ran right to the courts with everything, and Congressional members are even going into Mexico now to facilitate the invasions. See if you can spot the difference.

    As I have said a couple times before, I am acknowledging the victory of your tard ilk here. You wanted the ruination of American, and you are getting it. We have the open borders, and the replacement of current North Americans with Central and South Americans, and Africans is well under way. It will continue regardless of who is elected in 2020, although it will be greater if the dems win.

    Congratulations. You have destroyed your country. That's gotta feel good for those of you who get a tingle up your leg when you see AOC, Omar, and Talib. All people who hate this country.
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    Obama locked up children.
    Obama deported mostly single men

    Pick one
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    The asylum seekers came under Obama too and Hillary was chastised for her hard stance on the children at the border but the democrats are actually capable of managing government, unlike you right wingers who run the country into the ground every 8 to 12 years. So yes the democrats handled the situation and got deportations up and illegal crossings down.

    You’re just jealous because your stupid looking president sucks at his job.
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